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Islamic Wall Decor, Wall Art, Home Decor, Home Decoration in Steel: Set 3 Quls Al-Nas, Falaq & Karifun - Code 2070

RM 1,299.00
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Al-Nâs: It is a short six-verse invocation, asking God for protection from the Devil.

Al-Falaq:  Its seven verses (āyāt) is a prayer for the guidance, lordship, and mercy of God. This chapter has an essential role in the Islamic prayer (salāt).

Al-Kafirun: The passage asks one to keep in mind the separation between belief and unbelief both in the past and the present.

📏 Size Options:

2 x 2 Feet

3 x 3 Feet

4 x 4 Feet

* Custom Design and size as per request, please contact us for more info.

Material & Thickness steel

  • SS Gold Mirror/ SS Silver Mirror for Stainless Steel Titanium Gold & Silver Mirror Finishing & 1mm thickness steel
  • Black, Gold, Silver, White for  Steel with Electrostatic Powder Coating &1.5mm Thickness steel                                                                                                                                                        

3D art enriches your home decor.
 • The product stands 2 cm from the wall
 • You can hang the product with a single nail from the hanging attachment on the back.
 *Due to the nature of the metal, the varnish, and the handmade process in which the décor is being polished through a chemical procedure, the décor is not impeccable. However, this does not affect the overall fine appearance of the artwork.*
 * Custom Design and size as per request, please contact us for more info.
 Website: www.eveglobalsolutions.com
 * Please contact us at 018-2773747 if have any questions.
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