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Operates a range of Laser-cutting machines and services. The machines are able to handle any Laser cutting capacity from single parts to volume production.

A Trustworthy One-stop Sheet Metal Services Provider in Malaysia. Laser-Cut, Bending, Welding, Electrostatic Powder Coating and Chrome and Custom Design Services are Available. Free Quotation Available.


Laser cutting service cost depend on numerous factors starting from the type of laser to your material and your overall precision requirements. Generally, how much is laser cutting going to cost depends on

  1. Charge per Total Length of Cutting - Is the total length cutting took and the overrall rate per cutting depending on the overall complexity. In the simplest terms, complex designs require more longer mechine to run in the processing of cutting which increases the overall machine lenght cutting and increases your costs. Furthermore, extremely complex designs also increase the overall risks for the project and may even require some design alterations of post-processing. Which further increases the costs. The rate is set minimum RM 7/ Total Lenght cut  with the total time to get the final price.
  2. Thickness of Metal -  The material you use will have a direct effect on the overall laser cutting costs of your project.  The thicker the material is the more time it would take the laser to penetrate and cut through it all. That’s why the overall thickness of the material has an effect on the laser cutting service cost. Furthermore, thinner parts using sheet metal can also be processed simultaneously.
  3. Types of Steel / Metal material - For instance, the cost of laser cutting steel would be lower than that of high-grade Steel even if all the other factors like the design and the time required are the same. That’s because high-grade Steel is more expensive. Therefore, your laser-cutting service costs will be naturally high.
  4. Order Quantites - The time it takes for the laser to warm up is also included in the final costs. For high-volume orders, the laser doesn’t need a reset and can continue to operate directly. Resultingly bringing the overall costs down.

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