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Islamic Wall Decor, Wall Art, Home Decor, Home Decoration in Steel: La ilaha illallah Mohammadur Rasulallah - Code 2038

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Translation: Syahādah, or belief, is a statement of belief in the presence of God and the Prophet Muhammad as His Messenger. Saying the two words of syahadah is the first pillar in the Islamic Pillars. When pronounced, one is officially considered to declare himself as a new follower of Islam. Saying the Word is one of the greatest virtues of God.

📏 Size Options:

91 x 24 cm

121 x 32 cm

152 x 40 cm

* Custom Design and size as per request, please contact us for more info.

Material & Thickness steel

  • SS Gold Mirror/ SS Silver Mirror for Stainless Steel Titanium Gold & Silver Mirror Finishing & 1mm thickness steel
  • Black, Gold, Silver, White for  Steel with Electrostatic Powder Coating &1.5mm Thickness steel                                                                                                                                                        

3D art enriches your home decor.
 • The product stands 2 cm from the wall
 • You can hang the product with a single nail from the hanging attachment on the back.
 *Due to the nature of the metal, the varnish, and the handmade process in which the décor is being polished through a chemical procedure, the décor is not impeccable. However, this does not affect the overall fine appearance of the artwork.*
 * Custom Design and size as per request, please contact us for more info.
 Website: www.eveglobalsolutions.com
 * Please contact us at 018-2773747 if have any questions.
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